Affiliate Marketing Masterclass


Course Overview:

Affiliate marketing is now well established as being one of the best ways to make money online. Top affiliate marketers make substantial incomes, and the highest earners make millions of dollars.

In the course, we interview one of the top affiliate marketers in the world today. Ben is a Platinum Partner on ClickBank, the premier affiliate marketing platform. In order to achieve that status, marketers need to achieve annual sales of over $500,000 on ClickBank. And with Ben now heading into his 10th year as a Platinum Partner, it’s clear he is a top performer.

Be prepared for a deluge of value bombs and insider secrets as Ben lays bare the strategies that have generated millions of dollars in sales. From creating your first product, to scaling your business to the moon, Ben reveals a gold-studded blueprint for creating a massive online income – even if you are starting with no skills or experience.