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Great, we’ve received your order! But please stay with me for a moment, as I have a very important question I must ask you.

My name is Bob, and I’m in charge of the Customer Happiness team. First, I want to thank you for your purchase. Getting on board with The Million Dollar Writing Method is a great decision. I’m delighted to welcome you into our community of highly successful writers.

Right now, my team is busy putting your order together. So please don’t click off this page yet. I have critical information that affects your order. Before we get into that, though, I’d like you to reflect on how far you’ve come already. By joining us today, you’ve committed to creating a better future for yourself.

And that’s an important step. It tells me you’re decisive and that you take action to get what you want. Most of all, it shows you’re prepared to invest in yourself. In my experience, this means you’re the kind of person destined to get results.

Because look at what you’ve achieved already. You were frustrated with the way things were going in your life and decided enough was enough. You sought a new and better way to build a career and found it with million-dollar writing. You realized this opportunity was too good to pass up, so you decided to join us.

Congratulations, that was a life-changing moment. One that’s set you on course for unstoppable success. Now you can put the days of worrying about money behind you. Instead of living paycheck to paycheck, you can live life on your own terms.

No more working a job you hate, getting stuck in commuter traffic, or making do with second best in life. You’ll be working from home or from anywhere you want. And you’ll be doing work you love for the compensation you deserve.

So now you’re all set and on your way to a wonderful new career. I’m sure you're keen to get on with reading the book and launching your new career. After all, there’s so much to look forward to in every chapter.

Then once you’ve finished the book, you’ll be in pole position to make your first million dollars. You’ll be on track to finding your first clients.

So you’ve got a lot of ground to cover, and you’re going to be busy. Yup, I get it. But before we complete your order, I need to ask you an important question...

Make More Money Faster

What if there was an easier, faster way to become a million-dollar writer? A system where top writing jobs projects are handed to you on a plate every day. A program offering first-class training to level up your writing skills fast. And an opportunity to connect with premium clients who need your services now?

And yes, I’m serious. If that was possible, imagine how cool your life would be. No need to waste months or years trying to acquire all the skills you need. No chasing after writing jobs, hoping someone, somewhere, will hire you. No putting up with low rates or demanding clients.

You’d log into our inner circle, pick the writing jobs you like, then ‘boom!’ You are on your way. Then you’d catch up with the latest skills training, learning how to make even more money. Maybe you’d hang out in the community and chat with other writers or work through our career roadmaps.

All that’s great, but here’s the best part. You’ll be on the fast track to making more money for less effort. Spending less time searching for gigs and more time banking paychecks. Discovering that you really can turn your annual salary into your monthly income.

Wouldn’t that be amazing? Imagine how it would transform your life!

But here’s the thing. You don’t have to imagine. Because this incredible scenario is not only possible, it’s a reality for so many of our happy members. And to explain how that works, I need to tell you a quick story.

Back when we launched the Million Dollar Writer Method, we found that readers loved their new careers. Switching to the world of high-income writing opened up the potential to make real money.

At last, they’d found a career that could change everything. One that offered the financial freedom to live life on their terms, plus the time freedom to enjoy it.

But we soon realized we’d only fixed half the problem. Sure, knowing the lucrative niche where writers make millions is a game-changer. But readers kept asking us...this is great, but how do I learn the writing skills I need to do this? Where can I find these high-paying jobs? Where can I get advice when I need it?

These were significant issues, and we knew we had to fix them. After all, what’s the point of having a million-dollar skill if you don’t know how to make money with it?

So I got the Customer Happiness team together in the boardroom. Bella, Rajeev, Candy, and myself. We thrashed out the problem from all angles. We drank a lot of coffee and brainstormed different ideas. We scribbled plans on the whiteboard and tore endless pages off our flipchart. We argued over details and drank even more coffee.

Finally, we agreed on a plan. Then our development team sprang into action. They worked late nights for months, turning the idea into a working solution. When it was ready, we knew we’d created something unique. Something so special we named it:

The GoFreelance Writers Club

The name says it all. I’m proud to say we built a community that changes everything. Our beta testers fell in love with it from the get-go. Because all their questions were answered, all their problems were solved.

The GoFreelance Writers Club is a one-stop solution that propels you to unstoppable success. When you become a member, you get access to everything needed to become a successful writer:

  • A database of the hottest writing jobs, updated daily with the latest high-paying gigs and projects
  • High-quality training designed to level up your skills, so you are ready to win the best gigs and bank the most money
  • A writers’ showcase where you can display your talents to premium clients desperate to hire you
  • A full range of Roadmap courses designed to help you achieve greater success, faster
    A thriving community of writers who love to chat, share and advise
  • Expert advice from real million-dollar writers on a mission to help you achieve your financial and creative goals  

The whole experiment was such a success, we knew we had to share the love. We want new readers to feel as delighted as our beta testers. So now we’re giving you the chance to join the GoFreelance Writers Club.

Yes, that’s correct. You have an exclusive invitation into our inner circle. Isn’t that fantastic? You’re a click away from accelerating your writing career...and multiplying your income.

Thanks to the GoFreelance Writers Club, you can enjoy life-changing financial freedom, all while doing writing work you love. You’ll be making top-dollar, plus you’ll have all the time in the world to enjoy it.

You’ll learn the unique skills needed to command fees most people only dream of. Skills that allow you to earn more than lawyers, doctors, and bankers. Plus, you’ll discover how to generate multiple streams of passive income through royalties, joint ventures, and bonuses.


Now, I know you may think all this sounds too good to be true. High-paying writing gigs at your fingertips? Banking big paychecks week after week? Whoever heard of such a thing? I understand your concern. If I hadn’t experienced all this myself, I’d be skeptical, too.

But you don't have to take my word for any of this because our beta testers can’t stop raving about it! Agneta Marshall from Lincoln, Nebraska says:

“Wow...this changes everything! I always wanted to be a professional writer, but I never thought I could make decent money that way. But, thanks to the GoFreelance Writers  Club, I’ve found that you can.

Every day when I log in, there are fresh writing jobs waiting for me. Gosh, what a ‘night and day’ difference that makes! I found a great writing gig in my first week and haven’t looked back since. I’m making more than I ever made in a day job and doing a fraction of the work. This is a no-brainer option for me!”

Strictly Limited Membership

If you want the same kind of writing career as Agneta, you need to join the GoFreelance Writers Club while you can. Because I’m going to be honest with you—we have a problem, and it’s a head-scratcher.

You see, we work hard to bring you the hottest writing jobs every day. Our team is already at full stretch—finding out who’s hiring, chasing up contacts, and tracking down the best gigs. But we know we can only help a certain number of people get high-paying writing jobs.

Because of that, we set a limit on the number of people in the GoFreelance Writers Club. When we hit that number, we’ll take this offer down.

We’re getting close to the member limit, but we’re not there yet. So if you’re quick, you can still get on board. When you add the GoFreelance Writers Club to your order today, you’ll finally be able to relax. Because you’ll enjoy all the benefits our beta testers love so much:

  • A never-ending supply of paid writing jobs at your fingertips (you’ll never be short of work again)
  • Practical advice on how to level up your income (so you make twice as much money for doing half as much work)
  • Enjoying the financial freedom to live life any way you want
  • Having more free time to spend doing things you like with the people you love
  • Spending every day of your working life doing rewarding, fulfilling, and satisfying writing work  

As you can imagine, putting together the GoFreelance Writers Club required a big investment. We spent over $20,000 hiring the best programmers and designers to put the whole thing together. Plus, we spend thousands of dollars on monthly running costs.

So even if you had to pay $20,000 to develop your own version, it would be a good investment. After all, you’d have access to lots of high-paying writing jobs. You’d soon be making a profit on the deal.

Luckily, you don’t have to invest $20,000 because we’ve done that for you. You don’t even have to pay $10,000, which would still be a bargain. Here’s what happened. I got the Customer Happiness team back in the boardroom to thrash out a fair price.

Everyone had a different idea. Bella thought we should charge at least $1,000, but Rajeev said that might be a stretch for some. He suggested $500.00.

So let me ask you. If all the GoFreelance Writers Club did was bring you high-paying writing jobs, would it be worth $500.00? If it only gave you more time with your family and friends, would it be good value? And if it just allowed you to throw your alarm clock in the trash, would it be worth it?

Rajeev certainly thought so, but Candy had other ideas. She said we should slash the $500.00 in half to $250.00, which made everyone catch their breath. Just $250.00 for this fantastic resource? Insane! As I’m the team leader, they all looked at me, wondering what I would make of that.

I thought about it for a moment, then made my executive decision. I said, “Guys, our job is to make customers happy. This offer won’t be available for long, so let’s make it a total no-brainer…an offer anyone would be crazy to turn down. We’ll cut the price in half yet again. Anyone who adds the GoFreelance Writers Club to their order gets lifetime membership for only $199.”

Candy raised her hand. “Truman, I think you made a mistake,” she said. “You mean $199 a month, right?”

“Nope,” I replied. “A one-time payment of $199, and they’re in for life.

Well, you could have heard a pin drop. But I had made my decision.

So that’s the deal. A measly $199 to own a life-changing, money-making machine. That’s the regular price...but actually, you get an even better deal.

Because you’ve already invested in The Million Dollar Writing Method, I’m going to credit that amount to your account. That makes things fair.

This lops another five bucks off the cost, so you only pay $194 if you order now. Ridiculously good value, I know. But remember—we can only apply this credit while your account is being created. You must click ‘Add to Order’ to claim the discount. Otherwise, the deal vanishes when you close the page.

How’s that for putting customer happiness first?

Plus the 'Freelance Fortune Formula'

But I’m not done yet. As you’ve heard, Candy thought I was nuts when I slashed the price. But they all gasped when I told them my next idea. I said:

“Hey guys, I’ve just realized. Anyone who joins the GoFreelance Writers Club is clearly serious about making this work. So let’s help them all we can by including the Freelance Fortune Formula in the package, too.”

Rajeev was almost in tears. “That’s a $500.00 product,” he said. “When the boss finds out we’re giving it away for free, we’ll all get fired!”

Yeah, he may be right about that because the Freelance Fortune Formula shares information you won’t find anywhere else. Here’s what happened. We found a top-earning expert from the biggest freelance marketplace and got a brain dump of all his insider strategies.

Even as veterans ourselves, we were gobsmacked by his ideas. We called him Secret Sam because he revealed so many amazing secrets!

We picked his brains, learned all his tactics, and reverse-engineered his strategies. Then we put all this priceless knowledge into a unique course that shows you how to make tens of thousands - or even hundreds of thousands of dollars - even as a newbie.

But you don’t have to take my word for it. This is what Secret Sam has to say about it all himself:

Insert video clip from Sam (Timestamp - 2:12:55)

"Hi, I'm Sam Palmer..(and everything else he says up to)...looking forward to it!"

And yes, Secret Sam delivers on all those promises. In the Freelance Fortune Formula, he decodes everything he does to win lucrative projects again and again. He reveals the methods of the top earners that make all the difference between failure and massive success. Among many other golden nuggets, Sam reveals:

  • How to catapult yourself to success even if you have no experience and no portfolio, without lying about your expertise. (Discover how this works in Lesson 5.)
  • The simple principle you must apply if you want to become a top-rated freelancer and pull down the big bucks. (99% of people don’t do this and wonder why they fail. But you will learn how to apply this principle in Lesson 7.)
  • How to guarantee you get rave reviews and 5-star feedback on every job, so you become the seller who is always in demand. (Details in Lesson 8.)
  • The one thing you must never do when applying for projects - this will get you instantly and permanently banned from any freelance platform. (Learn how to easily avoid this mistake in Lesson 9.)
  • How to find ‘secret’ information about buyers so you can prepare perfectly tailored proposals guaranteed to blow them away. It’s so simple when you know how, yet nobody does this. (Be prepared to ‘face palm’ when you watch Lesson 10.)  

It’s all there in the Freelance Fortune Formula - everything you need to know to ramp up to a high income from anywhere in the world. Secrets you won’t find anywhere else.

Let me put it like this. The GoFreelance Writers Club PLUS the Freelance Fortune Formula equals your passport to CEO-level pay. It’s the perfect combination, and I don’t want you to miss out on this.

Your Success is Guaranteed

So despite Rajeev’s worries, the deal is fixed. When you click ‘Add to Order’ on this page, you get instant access to all this:

  • The GoFreelance Writers Club: giving you instant access to high-paying writing jobs, top-notch training, and a vibrant writing community, plus...
  • The Freelance Fortune Formula: the $500.00 fast track to becoming an in-demand writer with more gigs than you can handle

You get all that without paying the regular value of $20,500 or anything close to it. You only pay the tiny sum of $199, minus your credit of $5, bringing the cost down to just $194.

But remember, you can only lock in that price before your account is created. So click the ‘Add to Order’ button now to claim the deal.

Please don’t tell Rajeev about this, but I’m taking on all the risk, too. I’m backing everything with an iron-clad guarantee. Try out both the GoFreelance Writers Club and the Freelance Fortune Formula for a full 60 days. That’s right, two whole months. If you decide this is not for you, let me know, and we’ll refund your money. No questions asked...even if it’s 59 days from now.

So you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. A few moments from now, you could be as wide-eyed and happy as Denzil from Liverpool, England. He says:

“I’m so glad I grabbed the deal while I could. It’s a steal! I learned so much about all the amazing writing opportunities out there. Then I found the perfect project for me in the jobs database, and I was off to the races. I’ve made my money back ten times over already. This sure works for me! Anyone who doesn’t take advantage of this needs their head read.”

So now you have a choice. You can look this gift horse in the mouth and skip past. That’s fine if you’re OK with finding writing jobs yourself. Of course, you’ll miss out on all training and the fun in our vibrant community. You’ll never know the secrets of the Freelance Fortune Formula, but I guess you can get by without them.

But why would you, when you can have it all? Hot writing jobs brought to you every day priceless advice and insider secrets. Everything you need to put the theory of The Million Dollar Writer Method into practice. It’s a no-brainer deal with no risk...what’s not to like?

I recommend you take the easy option. Click ‘Add to Order’ and melt away all the hard work and stress.

I’d hate you to miss out. So don’t throw away your ticket to an easier life, and don’t let your discount credit slip through your fingers. There’s no downside, thanks to our rock-solid guarantee. But the upside? That’s unlimited.

Remember, once we hit our member limit (which could happen any time now), we’ll take this page down. This is a one-time-only offer, so you need to secure it now.

Once you close this page, the deal is gone forever. So don’t miss out. Click the button now to join the GoFreelance Writers Club (and get the $500.00 Freelance Fortune Formula, FREE!) I promise it will be a great decision.