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How Nearly Drowning Taught Me the ‘Weird but Wonderful’ Way to a Remote Writing Career

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Discover the Secrets of the 'Writing Superstars'

If you are ready to quit your rotten job, launch a writing career and create the life of your dreams, stop everything and read this now. I promise it's a game changer...

My True Story (Saundersfoot Bay, UK): I remember the moment as if it was yesterday. I’m in the icy water and the current is dragging me out to sea. I struggle to stay afloat, but the coldness saps my strength. I feel myself slipping under, gasping for breath and spitting out salty water.

Going out to sea in an old rowing boat was a mistake. But I was a teenager, and teens do stupid things. Now I’m paying the price for my folly. The ancient boat sank, leaving me floundering in the vastness of the ocean. I can’t stay afloat anymore, so in a few seconds I will slip under forever. 

I think about my mother, my girlfriend and the loved ones I’ll never see again. Tears run down my face as I try to swim, but it’s hopeless. Only a miracle can save me now...

The 'Miracle' Writing Career

Hi, my name is Rob Palmer. And as you'll soon see, this true story was the start of a wonderful career. Because miracles do happen, thank goodness, and providence intervened.

So against all the odds, I survived with moments to spare. I’ll explain more about that later (it’s quite a story!) But it’s what happened next that transformed my future.

You can change your life in the same way, so stay with me while I explain how things turned out...and what that means for you. Ten minutes after escaping the jaws of death, I sat on a rocky beach wrapped in a warm towel. I realized I’d been given a second chance at life, and I wasn’t going to waste it.

Ever since discovering the magic of books as a kid, I had wanted to be a writer. But my family and teachers discouraged me. They said writing was ‘not a proper career’, and I would never make any money.

At that moment—sitting on the cold, rocky beach of Saundersfoot Bay—I decided to prove them wrong. No way would I waste my ‘second chance’ on a safe, boring profession. I would show them you can have a vocation you love, and still make a life-changing income.

The result? I’ve enjoyed an amazing writing career that’s taken me around the world. Along the way, I stumbled across something extraordinary. I discovered a secret club of writers who make life-changing incomes. I call them the  Writing Superstars, because they are living the life of their dreams.

They’re not best selling novelists or Hollywood screenwriters. You won’t see them on TV chat shows or read about them in newspapers. Yet these regular folks live wonderful lives and enjoy financial freedom. I know because I’m one of them (more on that coming up next).

No need to be jealous, though, because you can become a ‘Writing Superstar,’ too. You can have a ‘miracle’ writing career where you can work from anywhere. It’s much easier than you might think. And I can show you how.

You can enjoy the same success as Aileen Mayberry of Oxford, England. She says:

“Not so long ago, I was writing articles for peanuts and feeling like a cog in a machine. Now I’m writing remotely and loving my new career. Who knew this was possible? I’m respected and appreciated at last. I changed my niche and transformed my life!”

The same opportunity is available to you, too. Change your focus and you will be able to:

  • Forget the stress of sleepless nights - no more worrying about paying the bills, putting food on the table and supporting your family (you can sleep like a baby, waking up alert and productive.)
  • Put behind you ‘robbing Peter to pay Paul,’ juggling your money to stretch it to the end of the month 
  • Never have to commute on a crowded bus or train, risking your life just to get to work on time at a job you hate  
  • Banish worries about getting the dreaded ‘pink slip,’ losing your job, and watching your income go up in smoke 
  • Never again have to be just a lowly employee - underpaid, overworked and unappreciated  

Instead, you will be doing writing work you love while being respected and always in demand.

Here’s how to make that happen...

The Remote Freelance Revolution

Committing to a writing career was a pivotal moment for me, yet it was only the first step. In my first few years as a writer, I didn’t set the world on fire. I was writing articles, blog posts, press releases and news features.

The pay was OK, and I enjoyed my work. But I was never going to reach my dreams this way. I didn’t realize it at the time, but I was stuck in what I call:

The Value Trap

I was doing good work, but it’s value was limited. No matter how brilliant my articles were, they would never move the needle much for my company. So there was no incentive for management to pay me well. If I didn’t want the tepid salary on offer, somebody else would.

If you feel undervalued in your job, then you are caught in the Value Trap, too. Doing too much work for too little pay. Giving your all and getting peanuts in return. Trying to build a successful career, but always being pushed down. Feeling under the hammer in an endless game of Whac-a-Mole.

That sucks, and I know how you feel. But don’t worry, there is a way to escape the misery of the Value Trap. I know because I found it, and it changed everything...

One Friday evening, I sat in a pub with my girlfriend, Rose, studying my measly paycheck. After tax and other deductions, there was barely enough to pay the rent and buy food. We wanted to buy a house, but that was out of the question. On my income, we could never afford the deposit.

Then Rose pulled out a copy of the local paper, The Evening Post. She showed me a job ad that said: “Writer Wanted. Top job for the right applicant.”

I had nothing to lose, so I applied for the position and got an interview. The hiring manager looked at my writing samples and said, “I think you have potential.” To my surprise, I got the job and never looked back. I found myself doing a new kind of writing that opened my eyes. In this ‘weird’ writing role, my career took off.  

All this happened because I stumbled across a different type of creative work. One that had nothing to do with articles, features, books or stories. It’s an area of writing that enables you to escape the Value Trap and catapult yourself to a better life. I call it:

Category X

Doing Category X work will change your life. It’s the little-known talent that allows you to become a successful remote freelance writer.  

And even if you have no writing experience right now, all this is well within your reach. You could escape the Value Trap double quick, like Justin from Austin, Texas. Before discovering Category X, he had struggled:

"For me, it was brutal. I was living in a $250 a month apartment, sleeping on a blow-up mattress in the middle of the living room. It was me and my two dogs and nothing else."

Then Justin happened across Category X and jumped in with both feet. The transformation in his life and income was immediate. He says: "I personally had a jump in income...”

Are you ready for a transformation?

If so, all you must do is escape the Value Trap. Quit doing work that’s beneath you and believe you can do better. Switch to Category X and get on the fast track to success.

And if you’re wondering how to do that, don’t worry. I’ve got you covered...

The Remote Freelance Writer Method

If Rose hadn’t shown me that ad in the Evening Post, I would never have discovered the amazing world of writing that has enriched my life. I would be stuck in the Value Trap.

I don’t want that to happen to you. After all, there’s plenty of Category X work to go round—far more than I could ever handle. With that in mind, I’ve written a book that explains exactly what Category X is, and how you can get into this fascinating world of writing.

In The Remote Freelance Method, you will discover:

  • The simple 5-step formula for becoming a Writing Superstar writer. You will ‘facepalm’ when you see how easy this is (you can complete the first two steps today).
  • How to get paid to write letters and have people clamoring to hire you.
  • The one thing you must NEVER do if you want to become a remote, freelance writer (so many people make this silly mistake and it torpedoes their chances. You’ll discover how to avoid it).
  • Multiple case studies of writers who went from struggling to succeeding as remote freelance writers (plus details of how they did it—so you can, too. Easy when you know how).
  • How to master Category X writing fast.

You will be in pole position to transform your life like Stefan (see Chapter 6), who says:

"During my time in Texas I shared a double-wide trailer with six other people. The pay was something like $250 a week. I only had $800 in my checking account."

All that changed when he switched to Category X.  In 2020, Stefan made a life-changing income from writing, and since then the numbers have grown.

He says:

"This is something I’ve done actively for the last eight years. It’s also one of those skills that ensures I’ll never be broke again. Because even if I lost everything, I know I’m good enough that someone will always hire me to write for them." 

So why settle for a ‘coach class’ life when you can upgrade to first class? The Remote Freelance Writer Method is offered in digital format, so moments from now you could be opening your copy. You will love how easy it is to change your life, starting today.

You will smile when you learn the simple secrets of:

  • Picking up writing jobs, without working yourself into the ground.
  • Working from the comfort of your own home, or from anywhere in the world you choose (so much better than being chained to a desk from 9-5).
  • Loving the chance to work flexible hours that fit around your lifestyle, without affecting your income or your prospects (taking time off to do the school run, receive a delivery or just to have coffee with a friend).
  • Enjoying building a respected, professional career, doing worthwhile and rewarding work in a vocation you love (cherry picking the most-fun, highest-paying projects).
  • Achieving life-changing financial security (no more glass ceilings, discrimination or unfair practices).  

You can enjoy the same kind of transformation as Crystal King from Fort Lauderdale, Florida. She says:

“Thanks to The Remote Freelance Writer Method, I was able to quit my stupid warehouse job and cut out my 2-hour daily commute. Now I’m a full-time writer, and I couldn’t be more proud! This book changed my life.”

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