Stage A: Find Your Niche


Deciding What Kind of Work You Will Do

Hey, it’s great to have you here on the GoFreelance team, and we’re looking forward to helping you find work and make money. The wonderful news is that the world of remote work is exploding, and that creates a wealth of opportunities.

Yet sometimes, that breadth of choice can be overwhelming. You may find yourself with so many possibilities that you don’t know where to start. So let’s dive into the kind of work you can do, so that you can choose the perfect niche.

1. Jobs You Can Do Remotely

When we talk about your niche, we’re referring to the kind of work you will do – your occupation, vocation or profession. And nowadays, you now have more remote options than ever before. This really is a great time to launch a home-based career.

2. The Golden Triangle

Picking a niche at random is usually a bad idea that limits your success, and may even doom you to failure. You need to be intentional about the career you choose, to maximize your chances of achieving your dream lifestyle.

3. Define Your Passion

You don’t HAVE to do a job that you love, but it’s definitely a good idea! When you focus on a profession that inspires, you’ll find that success comes to you with less effort and greater rewards.

4. Assess Your Talent

We all have talents in some areas, while we may struggle in others. So it’s a great idea to assess your potential carefully, and choose a path that makes the most of what you have to offer.

5. Analyze Demand

When you choose a job role that’s really in demand, the sky’s the limit. Discover how to write your own paycheck by honing in on jobs where companies are clamoring to hire good people.

6. Make Your Decision

Now you’ve taken all the important factors into consideration, it’s time to make your choice! Consider your decision carefully, then pull the trigger and set yourself on the road to success!