Stage C: Build Your Website


Showcasing Your Talent to the World

Your website will be your primary means of demonstrating to potential clients what you can do, and how you can help them. So this is an important element in your preparation and setup.

Building out a great website takes a little time and effort, but it’s something that will then work for you month in, month out for many years. This is a great way of attracting new clients into your pipeline, and showing the world what you can do.

1. Why You Need a Website

Your website is a vital part of your campaign to find remote work and freelance projects. It provides you with a great way to display your talents and generate interest.

2. Free or Paid Hosting?

Should you go for free web hosting or pay for a higher-quality service? Find out why it’s worth spending just a few bucks on getting started.

3. Why WordPress?

There are many different technologies you can use to found your website on. Discover why so many people around the world opt for WordPress.

4. Choosing a Domain Name

Your website needs an address, somewhere to ‘live’ on the Internet. And that means you need to secure your own domain name.

5. Setting up Your Website

Now let’s get your website set up. Go to Bluehost to secure your domain name and get your website online. It only takes a few minutes, and then you will be on your way to attracting your first clients.