Stage D: Leverage Social Media


Creating an Online Presence

In today’s world, social media pervades almost everything we do. We rely on popular platforms to keep us up to date with what our friends and family are up to, and what’s happening in the world at large. 

Because of this, creating an effective online presence is an important part of preparing for your new career. Take some time to get this right, and you will reap big dividends as you start to promote your services.

2. Looking Good on LinkedIn

There’s no doubt about it – LinkedIn is the number one social media network for business. Learn the secrets of getting results on the leading B2B platform.

3. Firing on all Cylinders on Facebook

Facebook is by far the biggest and most popular of all the social media networks. So it’s important to pay attention to your presence on this platform.

4. Taking Off on Twitter

Twitter is a powerful tool, but it can work both for and against you. Get the inside story on how to stay safe and make the right impression.

5. Performing on Pinterest

With hundreds of millions of users, Pinterest is a fantastic option for connecting with engaged users. For some demographics, it’s a ‘must have’ social network.

6. Other Options

With new social media platforms appearing all the time, you need to stay ahead of what’s important. Let’s take a look at the other networks that deserve your time and attention.