Tools & Technology

There's an absolute plethora of fantastic tools and technology you can use to make your freelance career rock. Here are the tools we use every day, plus other top tech to check out.

Job Search

There are some cool tools you can use to help you with your job hunting, so that you find more jobs, faster. Here are some of the best options available.

Job Hero

A nifty software tool that allows you to track job applications across the web, plus set reminders for follow-ups. This is an effective way to organize your job search.


Organize your job search and discover new opportunities, all in one place. This is a flexible tool that can really give you an edge in your job search.

Google Alerts

Often overlooked, Google alerts can be a very effective way of finding the latest jobs in your niche. Take some time to learn how create powerful alerts, and you will be rewarded with great jobs.


This tool helps you keep track of jobs you apply for, manage relationships and follow-up opportunities, keep tags on your target companies and learn all about effective job search.

My Interview Simulator

Many people struggle to prepare for interviews, and this site walks you through a nice variety of the most commonly asked questions in interviews. Every tool on My Interview Simulator is free to use, so you can use it over and over until you feel comfortable answering the questions to your satisfaction.

Job Scan

This website service introduces job seekers to application tracking systems (ATS). Jobscan gives job seekers the opportunity to evaluate their resume for ATS software. The site also offers some resume-building guidance and education.


The more productive you are, the more you can earn. Here's some of the best technology to help you become a productivity machine.

Google Drive

Your free Google account gives you access to most of the tools you need to operate as a freelance professional or remote worker. From documents to spreadsheets, and from presentations to cloud storage, you get it all for free!


If you are looking for a task manager that will keep your life organized and on track, you can't do better than to go with Todoist. This app has all the features you need, yet is easy to use – never forget a task ever again!


Designed to replace confusing email conversations, Slack is a great way to communicate with clients, suppliers and team members. The first-choice messaging app for thousands of companies, Slack gets the job done.


A simple yet very effective time management tool to keep you on track. Use it to increase your productivity, report to clients or manage your team's time.


A board-based project management system that is useful for managing everything from one-person projects to large, collaborative team efforts.


Forget PhotoShop – Canva is much easier to use and helps you produce amazing-looking graphics for all kinds of purposes both online and offline.


Marketing yourself effectively is now easier than ever, thanks to all the amazing tools we have at our fingertips. Here are our top picks…

Active Campaign

Building a mailing list is a vital element in growing your online business. There are many email management systems to choose from, but Active Campaign is one of the best.


Email outreach is a great way to find clients, but you need to get good at managing all the leads. Streak is a customer relationship management system that lives inside Gmail, making it easy to keep on top of inquiries.

Schedule Once

Getting on a call with a prospect is a great way to seal a deal. Make it easy for them to set up appointments by using a system like Schedule Once.


Bowl clients over by creating killer proposals they simply can't resist. This software makes it simple to build proposals that win you more business.


Your website is a critical element in your marketing strategy. WordPress is the obvious way to go when building a web presence that will bowl prospective clients over.

Business Management Tools

Even if you are a one-person business, you need to manage your operations efficiently. Check out these awesome tools which can be a big help.

Legal Zoom

Save yourself a fortune on legal bills by using the pre-made contract templates from Legal Zoom. Whatever you need to get your business legally straight, you will find it here.


An all-in-one business management suite for freelancers that allows you to focus on doing the work, rather than running the business.


Another great business management suite built with freelancers in mind, now owned by one of the largest freelance marketplaces (Fiverr).


No need to get physical signatures on contracts anymore – e-signatures are the way to go, and HelloSign is a leader in this field.


An all-in-one invoicing and accounting system that is popular with freelancers, and designed especially to cater to the needs of small businesses.